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A birds eye view of the Omnosport Apeldoorn in situe within the surrounding landscape. A cold snowy day at the Omnosport Apeldoorn looking at the unique panneling of the exterior. A look at the main arena area in the Omnosport Apeldoorn where multiple sports can be played A tennis match being held in the middle of the racing track with plenty of space for the audience to watch A rave taking place at the Omnosport Apeldoorn with a view of the riders going round the track The social cafe area that look down at the Omnosport Apeldoorn with a view of all the sports that might take place there A full Omnosport Apeldoorn with many of the crown watching a cycling race take place A CGI of the Omnosport Apeldoorn from a side profile view This is a site plan view of the building showing the design of the Omnosport Apeldoorn


Delivery of the National Centre for Cycling, Athletics and Volleyball in The Netherlands was achieved through a close collaboration of the design team with the operator and contractor to provide a unique blend of leisure and retail uses with the centre of sporting excellence at its heart. Design innovation was brought to this publicly/privately-funded project through the integration of facilities to create a sports and leisure-led mixed used destination. This is provided through an inherent flexibility of facilities: a combination of tracks for cycling and athletics but more importantly, the ability to mechanically lower two sections of the cycling piste to allow access to and link the inner field to the adjacent multi-purpose event halls. This allows use of the centre of the cycling track can be used for events, exhibitions and concerts, with 5,000 permanent spectator seats.