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  • FaulknerBrowns LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in England and Wales. Registered number OC386918.
render of the build and the surrounding area at the sports club Detailed site plan of the sports club Concept facade of the sports building Concept work on the exterior of the sports club Gym and other sports equipment at the sports club including rock climbing Concept shopping and social space at the sports club Concept diagram plan of the sports club View of the sports hall at the sports club


FaulknerBrowns were commissioned by Adidas to develop an operational brand in support of the heritage and sports performance culture of Adidas. The ambition for the project was to create an Adidas community linked to sports development, performance and individual wellbeing and it had three strands

The first was to develop the highest level of service quality and coaching both by human specialists and virtual reality. The second of the concept revolves around a network of circa fifteen 5,000 sqm fitness clubs. The third provides three national flagship clubs set in approximately 85 acres of sports landscaping. These clubs would be situated in major UK and European cities and would complete the network of Adidas Shape. They would host Adidas sporting and skills events via sponsored athletes as well as providing day-to-day facilities for members.